Frequently Asked Questions

And things you may want to know...

To change the brush settings on your brush turn on the brush by pressing the + button. Once the brush is on, press the + again in quick succession to cycle through the different setting options.

Once you have found the setting you like, stop pressing the + button and the brush will remain in that setting.

To adjust the intensity level of your brush turn the brush by pressing the + button > wait 3 seconds and then hold down the + button > the brush will cycle through 3 intensity settings > let go of the + button once you have found the desired intensity level. Now your intensity level is set.

The intensity level is also indicated on the front of the brush. The word “Strength” will be lit up. Dimmest = Level 1, Medium Brightness = Level 2, Brightest = Level 3

The brush will give you a minor pulse upon start up to tell you that the battery is running low. The brush will also stop working when it needs to be charged. Just charge the toothbrush overnight (12 hours) and you will be good to go for another 90 days. FYI, due to the nature of batteries, the length of time that the brush will go between charges decreases over the lifetime of the brush.

The pearl toothbrush is ipx7 water resistant. This means that the brush can be submerged in water up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes. So, unless you are taking a 30 minute shower with your toothbrush it should be fine. Showering with the brush is not considered misuse and the brush will be covered under warranty if it stops working.

When the battery is low, the brush will stop working. Please charge the brush overnight and try again. If you have determined that the brush is fully charged and still not working please reach out and we will replace the brush under warranty.

If your brush is making a louder than usual buzzing sound when turned on it could be because your brush head is not seated properly on the brush handle. It may also indicate that you need to change your brush head. If your brush head is new and you have verified that it is properly attached, you may have a faulty brush head. Please reach out to us and we will send you a new brush head.

We do not include the charging adapter in the pearl Toothbrush Kit. This is because we have found that most people already have this piece of equipment in their home. Removing this item from the kit reduces the cost of our brush which most people prefer. If you require a charging adaptor please reach out and we will take care or you.

Your pearl toothbrush will charge with your standard phone adaptor or by plugging into the USB port on your computer.

While the brush is on the charger long press the + button until all the lights turn on. This will reset the brush.

If your brush is vibrating in short bursts after you have turned it off this means that it is time to replace your brush head. After you change your brush head you will need to reset your brush.

While the brush is on the charger long press the + button until all the lights turn on. This will reset the brush.

It is normal for your gums to bleed when you first start using an electric toothbrush. They aren’t used to getting so much action. However, if your gums continue to bleed during each brushing session you should stop using the toothbrush and consult with your dentist.

You should not be pressing as hard as you would with your manual toothbrush. You want to let the brush head do its job and move against your teeth. Pressing too firmly will reduce the amount the bristles are able to vibrate against your teeth. You can also cause damage to your gums if you push too hard when brushing. So take it easy and let the pearl do it’s magic.

Yes, it is safe to use pearl with braces.

Children under the age of 8 should not use the pearl electric toothbrush. Our brush is safe for children over the age of 8 years old as long as they have been instructed on how to properly use the brush.

Your full brushing session should be 2 minutes. Pearl has a built-in two-minute timer and will turn off at the end of the session. The brush will signal you every 30 seconds with a quick but noticeable change in the vibration frequency. This lets you know that it is time to move to a new qualdrent of your mouth.

To remove the brush head just pull up firmly directly away from the handle. Use two hands, do not use your teeth!

We recommend that you change your brush head every 2 months. Our bristles are antimicrobial but let’s be honest, going longer than 2 months is gross. You’re not gross right?

There are two ways your pearl toothbrush will let you know it is time to stop being gross and to change your brush head.

1. The brush head symbol at the bottom of the brush handle will be illuminated when you are using the brush.

2. The brush will vibrate in short bursts after you have turned it off.

Our two-year warranty starts from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, if your pearl electric toothbrush stops working properly due to a fault in the materials or workmanship in the construction and manufacturing of the product, we will replace the brush free of charge.

The warranty does not cover cosmetic damages such as scratches, chips and fading caused by

- Normal wear and tear from using the product

- Damage caused by misuse

- Tampered product

If there are any cosmetic damages to the product prior to use, you must contact within 5 business days of taking delivery.

To file a warranty claim please email us at Please include your order number, and a description of the issue along with a photo or video of the brush. We will get back to you within 24 hours and if determined that the issue is under warranty, we will send you a replacement brush right away.

We’re confident in our product which is why we allow you 60 days (from the time of delivery) to fall in love.

Our whole goal is to make you smile. If you don’t love your pearl toothbrush please reach out to us at and we will process your return.

Unfortunately, our 60-day return policy does not cover replacement brush heads.